Mammoth P by Growcentia

PHD students in Fort Collins Colorado founded Mammoth Microbes. This microbial inoculant is organically derived and unlocks phosphorus and micro nutrients for the plant to maximize growth. Furthermore your existing nutrient program is compatible with Mammoth P. Also it is compatible with all growing media including hydro, coco, and soil.

Mammoth P and how it works

Mammoth Microbes Claims they screened billions of soil microbes using next-generation technology to identify a novel combination of bacteria. As a result these bacteria work in harmony to accelerate the release of phosphorus into plant-available forms by 30 times. The beneficial bacteria act like micro bioreactors, continually producing enzymes that release nutrients. Which reduces the need for a separate enzyme additive.

Indoor Gardens along with everyone else in the industry is very excited about this product. If you search Mammoth Microbes you find a lot of great scientific information that backs up this products claims.

Mammoth P comes in 1000ml, 500ml, and 250ml bottles. You can find this product at any of our three hydroponic grow shops throughout Ohio. Ask about this incredible soil microbe that will increase your bud yield next time you’re at Indoor Gardens. For more information visit

Watch the video below to hear straight from Mammoth Microbe’s Kendra Soderberg on their nutrient enhancer.  

Vote of satisfaction from customers

Here at Indoor Gardens we pride ourselves in offering quality products, not snake oil. Before carrying Mammoth P at any of our stores we heavily sampled out the product to customers. As a result within a matter of weeks floods of customers were back and asking for more! Consequently now all Indoor Gardens locations now stock Mammoth P.  Because of this intense and sudden popularity we recommend calling ahead to make sure that we have the size you're looking for available.

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