Aptus Plant Tech

Aptus Plant Tech

Formed in the Netherlands where growers are striving for more natural approach to building the framework of vegetative structure during periods of growth. A gentle additive to aid in nutrient uptake during the time plants need it most and then allow them to yield monumentally. Naturally derived and highly concentrated, the Aptus line is designed to be integrated with both soil and soilless growing regiments, no matter your current preferred nutrient line.


Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, and the commercial sized 20L.

“The Nutrition Manager”

Aids in the ability of the plant to deal with environmental stressors that may be acted upon it. Acts as a mediator for other elements in solution. Contains no PGR’s! Helps to deliver the right nutrients at the right time without manipulating plant growth in unnatural ways.

Derived from Boric Acid, Potassium Silicate, and Sodium Molybdate. Silicic acid- directly bio-available silica to be taken advantage of wherever the plant needs it.

Boron- aids the fibrous structural composition of vegetative matter. Also, aids the microscopic root system in the release of sugars back into the media, further benefitting symbiotic microbial activity.

Molybdenum- acts as a vector to help distribute Nitrogen from well established (older) growth, to the younger developing shoots.

Watch the video below to find out more about Aptus and the products they offer.

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